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Ready To Turn Your Opinions Into PASSIVE INCOME? Let’s Get Started!


**Step 1:** Register for FREE as a partner on our platform. Simply follow the instructions in the video or go directly to

**Step 2:** Once registered, you’ll receive your very own platform, just like mine, but personalized with your profile information. And here’s the best part: Become an Ambassador for your city (for free) and unlock even more perks! You’ll have the spotlight on your platform’s front page to showcase your image ad promoting your program, blog, services, or website for the world to see, absolutely free!

**Step 3:** Now, let’s dive into how it all works.ย  Assume you’ve registered and signed the partner agreement from your platform this agreement ensures we are all protected!

**Step 4:** Head to any of your local businesses, whether it’s a restaurant, car wash, grocery store, gym, bank, you name it. Let’s say you choose to go to yourย  gym. Spend some time there, then return to your platform, log in, and navigate to “Write a Review.”

**Step 5:** Add your gym’s name, address, and phone number to your platform. Next, share your experience in your review. Were the equipment clean and well-maintained? Was the facility welcoming and hygienic? Your honest feedback matters. If it was a positive experience, submit the review pronto.

**Step 6:** Your job is done! Move on to the next merchant in your area and repeat the process.

**Step 7:** Now, the localcity platform will reach out to your merchant (gym) via postal mail, email, or phone, informing them about your review on the platform. They’ll include the link to your review, and if the gym finds it compelling, they’ll be eager to purchase a “FEATURED” package from the localcity platform. This package is a game-changer, it offers nearly an entire page dedicated solely to the gym’s promotional content, complete with captivating photos and more.

**Step 8:** Unlike Yelp or Google, where businesses face fierce competition, this platform provides a unique advantage. With NO competition, businesses stand out prominently. When the professional sales team approaches all of your merchants you add to your platform, they’ll present the package effectively, making it an irresistible offer. And when your merchant (gym) purchases the package, you earn 20% of the total fee every month. How many business can you review?

**Step 9:**ย The opportunities are endless. But don’t delay, start now to be the first to add merchants to the platform in your city.

**Step 10:** Ready to seize this opportunity? Join our platform for FREE today and claim your free $25 Gift Card upon registration. Don’t forget to sign the partner agreement to ensure YOU GET PAID. Register now at .

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