Urgent: Google and Yahoo! Email Authentication Mandate

Your Emails To Gmail And Yahoo! Could Be Rejected Effective February 1, 2024

Dear Email Sender,

We want to inform you about crucial changes in email security mandated by Google and Yahoo!, effective February 1, 2024. These changes are part of a comprehensive effort to enhance electronic security. 

Key Security Protocols: DMARC, DKIM, SPF

On October 3, 2023, Google and Yahoo! announced mandatory requirements for bulk senders to implement DMARC beginning February 2024. Ignoring these protocols poses significant risks:

  • Unauthorized use of your domains
  • Lack of visibility into your external email flows
  • Exposure to B.E.C. attacks from internal company addresses
  • Vulnerability of your suppliers, partners, and customers to identity theft
  • Risk of financial loss and data leakage
  • Impact on your company’s reputation

Benefits of DMARC Implementation

  • Total control and visibility over your external mail flow
  • Full control over authorized sources sending emails from your domains
  • Protection against identity theft for your stakeholders
  • Immediate risk reduction and defense against internal B.E.C. attacks

Who is Affected?

If you send 5,000 messages a day or more to Google or Yahoo!, your email domain must have a DMARC policy in your DNS starting February 2024. This includes messages sent by third-party email service providers using your email domain.

Google and Yahoo DMARC, DKIM & SPF Assistance

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Why This Mandate?

Google and Yahoo! are prioritizing email validation to enhance safety and security. This initiative aims to prevent spam and mitigate risks associated with bad actors reaching customers’ inboxes. Implementing DMARC not only ensures compliance but also improves inbox placement, signaling to ISPs that you adhere to established email standards.

How to Comply

To comply with Google and Yahoo!’s strict policy:

  • Update your DNS/Cpanel
  • Edit the DMARC, SPF, and DKIM settings

If you’re unfamiliar with these procedures, we strongly advise against DIY attempts to avoid potential disruptions to your server and websites.

If you do not have a DOMAIN, you need to get one ASAP!

How do you know if you are in compliance with Gmail authentication already? 

Send an e-mail from your “DOMAIN” web interface account to YOUR gmail account.
Example: If your business account is: “[email protected]”, send it from there, NOT from any other email account.

FROM: [email protected]
TO: [email protected]

Once you get the email from your business account to your gmail.com account, open it and click on the 3 dots on the top right corner, and click on “show original”

Once you do that, it will open in a new window.
On that window you should be able to see the following (image below)



If you want to make it easier for you to find out if you’re domain’s DMARC is in compliance with Google, do this:

Send me an email from your DOMAIN name (the one you will be using to send emails to your customers/mailing list etc.), send it to the email address shown on the bottom of this page. In it, tell us that you would like for us to audit your DMARC authentication from the email. I will audit it for free.

Need Assistance?

For support, contact us via text at the phone number shown on the to of this page. We are here to ensure your emails meet the required standards and prevent any disruptions to your communication.

Don’t wait until it’s too late – secure your emails now!

Download the Free DMARC Implementation Tips Ebook

Inside this resourceful ebook, we’ve got simple and effective tips to guide you in checking whether DMARC is already part of your email setup. And if not, no worries – discover practical insights on implementing DMARC authentication hassle-free.

Click Here To Download it for Free! Plus, don’t keep this valuable resource to yourself – feel free to share it with others who could benefit from it!

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